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The Code Pharmacy   How we work

The Code Pharmacy started out as one freelancer’s dream to create cleaner, more beautiful websites. The plethora of poorly built websites not compliant with modern standards for CSS and HTML was surprising.

Soon The Code Pharmacy grew to a consortium of like minded freelancers, working as a tight team of developers, with a wide range of skills and interests, The Code Pharmacy’s key strength lies in the freelancers’ acute knowledge of a variety of web languages and shared desire for powerful, clean and efficient code.

Expanding as any company should, The Code Pharmacy has embraced the internet in more than just its source of work and development. Our freelancer network stretches across England, taking advantage of the best that the UK has to offer, from Leeds to Bristol and beyond, and the company is now in the enviable position of being international as we have developers as far away as the USA.

The internet shows that there should be no boundaries that limit our imagination or creative drive, no constraints on where we should work, or how we should develop. As long as we freelance, and have a lust to build beautiful, powerful, user friendly websites, there will be nothing that The Code Pharmacy can’t achieve.

If you’d like more information on what we can do for you, if you want a website, hosting or just have a question, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.